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Summer School 2022

Reporting Date: 
Monday, July 18, 2022
Partner reporting the Activity: 
Birzeit University
Type of activity: 
Summer School
Date of Activity: 
Monday, July 18, 2022 to Saturday, July 30, 2022
Place of Activity: 
University of Alcala
Summary of the activity: 

The summer school was designed as an evolution of the original idea in D5.7 where 39 students would be selected, the project consortium was agreed to organize the school at UAH, Alcala, Spain. It is the most central for all and provided the necessary resources for accommodation and organization of the classes and practices.

The main driver for designing the summer school program was the practical, hands-on part. We were very lucky to have 2 companies in the consortium, Al Andalus software and Proxym IT, which have an extensive expertise in several topics of the Project and are involved in projects that deal with many of the issues that the PENS program details. So, the decision was to have a morning session with some theoretical background to refresh our student’s knowledge on the topic and thus benefit from the hands-on session to the maximum. The following themes were identified to be covered during the training sessions:

  • Data integration
  • Business transformation
  • Big data
  • Security
  • Business process engineering
  • Integration and Business Intelligence

The summer school final agenda was as follows:

Week 1:

Monday 18th-July:

Tuesday 19th-July:

  • Introduction to information systems security (UCA): Overview on the main elements of information systems security, with an emphasis on cybersecurity threats and practical applications.
  • Guided work session on systems security and vulnerabilities (UCA)

Wednesday 20th-July:

Thursday 21st-July:

  • Hands on work on access control and security (Proxym-IT)
  • Background on Big Data Processing (Proxym-IT): Introduction to processing tools like Spark and SparkML

Friday 22nd-July:

  • Hands-on work on E-health Data processing (Proxym-IT)
  • Student work presentations and discussions


Week 2:

Monday 25th-July:

  • Overview of simulation technologies (AQU)
  • Hands-on work on simulation (AQU)

Tuesday 26th-July:

Wednesday 27th-July:

Thursday 28th-July:

  • Hands on work on business integration (Al Andalus): Problem description and guided hands on groupwork with an emphasis on methodologies.
  • Hands on work on business integration (Al Andalus): Problem description and guided hands on groupwork with an emphasis on methodologies (cont.)

Friday 29th-July:

  • Presentation of solutions and discussion
  • Presentation of solutions and discussion (cont.)

Even though there was a very hot summer and a heat wave, the program was a big success, the implementation of the agenda was complete, and the students and trainers valued it as a very good experience. Students and trainers stayed on in campus accommodation, which was walking distance from the session rooms, so the delays to access the classes in the morning was minimum. A social program and some guidance on making some tours in Madrid and the nearby areas of Spain was also delivered to those interested. On the academic side, and as expected, the practical part where the students had to work in close to real environments with data from real projects was what they valued the most.


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What have students said about their experience in the summer school: