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Internship Workshop

Reporting Date: 
Monday, September 30, 2019
Partner reporting the Activity: 
Al-Quds University
Type of activity: 
Date of Activity: 
Monday, September 30, 2019
Place of Activity: 
Al’Quds University
Summary of the activity: 

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Al-Quds University hosted a workshop on Abu Dies campus on Wednesday, September 30 to discuss the development of the Internship framework.

Participants from Palestine and Tunisia gathered to discuss the internship framework. A framework that aims to close the gap between the university and the labor market and increase collaboration. In this workshop participants from the industry and academia discussed and share opinions. Below is a list of talks:

Internship Model: case of computer science at Birzeit University
Dr. Sobhi Ahmed: Birzeit University

Proposed Internship Framework
Dr. Rashid Jayousi: Al-Quds University

Internship Model: case of Sousse University
Dr. Maha Khemaja

Internships: Proxym-IT Model

Internship Framework Progress Overview
Mr. Mohammad Hamarsheh

Internship Model for IT Students
Mr. Mohammed Ewaida

You will find a link for a draft version of Internship course proposed by Dr. Dr. Rashid Jayousi: Al-Quds University.