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Management of the project

Work Package Details


A principled management of the PENS project is a key contributing factor for its overall success. Two management committees will be formed, project steering committee and WP leads committee. A project management steering committee will be formed at the start of the project and it consists of the the coordinator (Grant-holder), the project manager and WP leads (or coordinators) and representative from each partner.  Its main responsibility is to ensure well coordination of the project, well planned running of the project, adherence to EC and QA rules, financial management, project outputs and mitigating risks as they arise. The WP leads committee consists of the coordinator (Grant-holder), the project manager and WP leads. Its main responsibility is manage day-to-day affairs of the project, to ensure well managed and planned acitivities, timely allocation of activities to the appropriate staff, and mitigating risks in delays.

The kick-off meeting will be the starting point for all participates to bring about a common understanding of the project aims and objectives well defined with clear time-scales and responsibilities. WP leads will be responsible for managing activities of their individual work packages and reporting progress in regularly WP leads committee meetings. The financial administration of the project will be largely the responsibility of the Project coordianor at BZU. The project coordianor, in consultation with the steering committee and EC project officer where necessary, will ensure the implementation of the Erasmus+ rules within the financial procedures of the university. Where necessary, the grand-holder and project will provide information and/or guidance to administrators at partner universities.

The work package will also include the participation of project representatives in Erasmus+ EC meetings and preparation of the project management reports.


6.1 organisation of the kick-off meeting
6.2 Formation of the project management committees
6.3 Set up an online document collaboration environment
6.4 Project Financial administration